Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen minifig Jørgen Vig Knudstorp minifig Jens-Peter Poulsen
LEGO World Denmark 2009 minifig
(Distributed to visitors at LEGO World Copenhagen, Denmark February 12-15, 2009)
MBFR minifig
(Made for LEGO fan welt in Cologne, Germany. It was only handed out to the exhibitors 2008)
LEGO World 2008 minifig
This Minifig was handed out by the Bouwsteen for its members for Legoworld
Lego Brick 50 Year Anniversary Minifig
(Premium Collector Book)
Minifig Male 40 Years Billund
Vestas Minifig 1
Vestas Minifig 2
Adidas Super Goalie
Birkenhead Point Sydney - Town Minifig
Birkenhead Point Sydney - Space Minifig
Birkenhead Point Sydney - Crow
Birkenhead Point Sydney - Hippo Birkenhead Point Sydney - House Birkenhead Point Sydney - Lamb
BRF Minifig, Red torso
BRF Minifig, Red torso 2
BRF Minifig, White torso
BRF Minifig, White torso 2

SE OG Hr Minfig


Male with Nvidia_logo
E3 Expo 2005 Promo)

Female with Nvidia_logo
E3 Expo 2005 Promo)

Soccer Player Bayern München
(3420, 3422 Germany promo Set)
Goal Keeper Bayern München
(3420, 3422 Germany promo Set)
Legoland Town
Legoland Town female
Falck Minifig
Asiana Airlines Minifig
Bouwsteen minifig
(This Minifig was handed out by the Bouwsteen for its members for Legoworld
2005 in the Netherlands)
WWF minifig
Maersk Worker
Maersk Worker 2
Color line Worker
France Pink
(1196, 1197, 1198, 1199)
France Yellow
France Green
Milk Delivery Worker -Arla
Milk Delivery Worker -Tine
Milk Truck Worker-MD Foods
McDonalds Man
Airport Pilot - Dark Blue
Biker Bob
Boston Red Sox Baseball Player
(Promotion at Fenway Park in Boston in 1999)
Velux Man

FIRST Lego 1999 FIRST Lego Y2K

Astrobot Male, Biff Starling
(3929, World Space Congress)

Astrobot Female, Sandy Moondust
(3928, World Space Congress)

Chess King
Railway Employee Lego Loco
Railway Brickster
Nestle Rabbit
(4049, 4051)

1991 LEGO Club (UK) Promotional sticker

UK LEGO club sticker01 UK LEGO club sticker02 UK LEGO club sticker03


Japan Coca-Cola Promotional (Studios)

Cameraman 2
Grip 2
Assistant, Red Cap
Female with Tubetop, LEGO Logo
Cameraman with TV logo
Actor 1
Actor 2
Actor 3


Major League Soccer MLS minifig Sticker Sheet from 2000

Major League Soccer 1 Major League Soccer 2 Major League Soccer 3 Major League Soccer 4 Major League Soccer 5 Major League Soccer 6
Major League Soccer 7 Major League Soccer 8 Major League Soccer 9 Major League Soccer 10 Major League Soccer 11 Major League Soccer 12


World Cup Soccer minifig Sticker Sheet from 2002 ,Hong Kong

Group A
法國 France 塞內加爾 Senegal 烏拉圭 Uruguay 丹麥 Denmark
Group B
西班牙 Spain 斯洛文尼亞 Slovenia 巴拉圭 Paraguay 南非 South Africa
Group C
巴西 Brazil 土耳其 Turkey 中國 China 哥斯達黎加 Costa Rica
Group D
南韓 Korea, South 波蘭 Poland 美國 USA 葡萄牙 Portugal
Group E
德國 Germany E組 沙特阿拉伯 Saudi Arabia 愛爾蘭 Ireland 喀麥隆 Cameroon
Group F
阿根庭 Argentina 尼日利亞 Nigeria 英格蘭 England 瑞典 Sweden
Group G
意大利 Italy 厄瓜多爾 Ecuador 克羅地亞 Croatia 墨西哥 Mexico
Group F
日本 Japan 比利時 Belgium 俄羅斯 Russia 突尼西亞 Tunisia


Coca Cola Soccer Team 2002

 Soccer Secret Player A Soccer Secret Player B Soccer Striker 1 Soccer Striker 2
Soccer Midfielder 1 Soccer Defender 1 Soccer Defender 2 Soccer Striker 3 Soccer Striker 4 Soccer Midfielder 2
Soccer Defender 3 Soccer Defender 4 Soccer Goal Keeper Soccer Referee
Soccer Doctor TV Boy Soccer Hotdog Girl